Tom Whittaker
Ester-C Everest Challenge, 1998

"Tom Whittaker's amputee-push to Mt. Everest's summit may be the last great challenge in Himalayan climbing."

Greg Child

Tom Whittaker was featured on the "48 Hours" special on CBS, Tuesday, July 13th, 1999.
The CBS program "48 Hours" broadcast an updated story about Tom Whittaker on Tuesday, July 13, 1999. This program was based on the 1998 one hour special "Footprint On Everest," which won the 1998 Teddy Award for best adventure documentary of the year. Restructured for ?48 Hours?, viewers were given another chance to see this remarkable story of five people with severe disabilities struggle to reach Everest's base camp at 17,000 feet, and amputee Tom Whittaker’s perilous climb of the 29,028 foot icon.

Mountain Visions has created a new web site for Tom Whittaker updating all of the information about his successful Everest climb in 1998. He is also promoting similar expeditions to the highest summits on the seven continents. Mountain Visions is hosting this site while it is being developed, but it will soon be accessible through www. When this is available, we will link to this new web site from the Mountain Visions Virtual Base Camp site and this Everest Challenge '98 site.

Mountain Visions also produced a new web site for the All Abilities Trek to Everest Base Camp. You can find the logs sent back from the trek on this site as well as lots of pictures and information on the trekkers and the Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group (C.W. HOG).

In 1995, Mountain Visions, hosted one of the first web sites to follow a mountaineering expedition. Tom Whittakers nearly reached the summit in the 1995 Everest Challenge - The First Disabled Ascent. You can still access these pages including pictures accompanying the expedition log.

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Tom Whittaker reached the Summit of Mt. Everest on Wednesday, May 27th, 1998. You can read a Final Report by Tom Whittaker on the 1998 climb.

Background Information

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