Everest Challenge '98
Environmental Restoration Project



As non-climbing members of Everest Challenge '98, four undergraduate students from Prescott College will take part in this unique, interdiscipinary approach to mountain exploration and conservation. In Nepal, they will work with non-governmental organizations and locals in the Khumbu on environmental and community service projects. They will be responsible for gathering oral history that will promote a broader understanding and appreciation of cultural values on mountains, lifestyles, enviroment and conservation. Beyond their research obligations, students will share their experiences, creative reflections, artwork, poetry and photography of the rich cultural and environmental heritage of the Mt. Everest Region through our interactive website, here on the worldwide web.


It is designed and directed by Angela Hawse, a member of the climbing team, graduate student, mountain guide and educator who has dedicated her life to working in and preserving mountain environments. The project will be part of her thesis in Environmental Studies: Himalayan Mountaineering, for the Master of Arts Program at Prescott College, AZ. Kerry Nodal, with a B.A. in Environmental Conservation and Resource Management from Prescott College, will coordinate the project. SEE BIOS



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